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Some Facts Regarding our Scalation and it’s Quality.

Even though it is piracy, scanlation has had positive impact.

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Our Translation Quality?

We follow the below theme of translating the manga –

  • First of all, Read the Context to be translated until you understand the full context and the emotions in the context
  • Must carefully think about the meaning of various words in the context
  • While translating, the translator should keep the originality of the context as much as possible
  • A good translator should keep in mind that he doesn’t leave even a single word while translating
  • A translator shouldn’t Exaggerate nor add something from his own mind in the translation
  • Using Idioms can fill sentence with magic
  • While translating one should keep in mind the words used for a translation. Should use the commonly used words or Simple words as much as possible. (First half of sentence – something like a glossary of words so that you won’t use other word for same word(in diff. language) and confuse the reader)
  • Translator should know the grammar of both the languages, and should translate only after he knows both the languages very well. Using dictionary, to translate word to word is not called translation, because it won’t have proper grammar form and readers wouldn’t be able to know what it is trying to say. However, use of dictionary to find the correct work is okay.
  • The Translated Work and the Original Content should make same sense and have same emotion, one shouldn’t write anything extra by him/herself.
  • It isn’t necessary that the structure and punctuation should be same as the original, you can change it according to yourself to make it look better.

The Above Context is Translated by Satyam, from Translation Guideline (Hindi Language)

Do we use machine translation tools?

We can’t say that we don’t use, sometimes to double-check the translations in case we feel something odd about the flow, we use it.

Our Redrawing/Typesetting Quality?

Well if you have read our scanlated manga, you can see that we don’t pay that much attention to Redrawing/Typestting.

For Typesetting, we have different staff with different styles, so it’s almost impossible to keep a single style. Also, We’re not official so it also adds to the fact that we don’t pay much attention to it. But we pay full attention to the translation quality of manga.

Do we pay our staff?

Yes, We pay our staff or to be more direct, only translators for now, but we’re thinking of soon paying other members too, well if we pay them all we won’t be left with much funds to continue the scanlation.

Pay Rate for Japanese Translations and some guidelines.

We basically pay 5-page/1$ (USD) to translators, it can be smaller or more depending on the translation difficulty, genre, the amount to translate per page. The pay can be changed to even 4-page/1$.

We hire translators who have at least N3 level of Japanese Proficiency, or those who can pass our test and have good English. If you have somewhat bad English we might have to test the understanding level of their translation. If they’re good enough we hire them, but their pay can be less as it may require heavy PR work.

Do we take rights/credits?

Well we don’t have official rights over the translation, but we do feel that we have some kind of right over the manga we are translating, so we feel bad when some aggregator steals manga from our website and removes the credit page.


We can get DMCA strike anytime because it’s illegally publishing images for free, which might cause financial damage to the original copyright holders. But we are good people, if you want us to remove the stuff, we can remove it from our site just mail to [email protected]

What benefits does a Manga/Author get from scanlation?

Well, Scanlation means, translating a Scanned Manga from one language to another, because it isn’t available in different languages. It is an old name, still when Scanlators had to scan manga chapters from the paper-published manga. Coming to the topic, How does scanlation benefit the author or manga

We are basically translating it from one language to another and publishing it, giving it a wider audience, through it a manga can become famous, so that the company may decide if they want to invest money for its official translation into another language. Take the example of Solo Leveling Manhwa( Korean Manga), When it was first released it didn’t have an official English version, but after some team scanlated it and made it popular, the company got its official release. And it is famous to the point that now, Official Raw release and Official English translation release time isn’t very much.

How we get funds to run our scan team?

We basically rely on donations from Patreon, Paypal or Ko-fi, Cards are also accepted through Ko-fi.

Any Chat Group or IRC?

Right now, we only have discord server –

You wanna know more things?

Just contact us through the contact us form, or Join our discord and ask, or else mail at [email protected]